Thursday, July 19, 2018

USA quiz questions and answers

USA General Knowledge - Test your Knowledge About The United States Of America :

1. Where's The White House Located ?

Ans. Washington , D.C.

2. How many stars are In The Flag Of USA ?

Ans. 50

3. What Is The Currency Of America ?

And. Dollar

4. Where Does The US President Lives ?

Ans. White House

5. What Is The Longest River In The United States ?

Ans. Missouri River

6. What Is The Second Longest River In The united States ?

Ans. Mississippi River

7. How Many States In United States America ?

Ans. 50 

8. Which City Has Largest Population Of United states ?

Ans. New York

9. Who is the vice president of united states right now ?

Ans. Michael R. Pence

10. Where Is The Golden Gate Bridge situated ?

Ans . Sen Francisco , Marin county , California

11. What is national flower of united states ?

Ans. Rose

12. What is The National Animal Of United states ?

Ans. Bald Eagle

13. Where Is The Headquarters Of UNICEF  Located ?

Ans. New York

14. What Is The Full Form Of UNICEF ?

Ans. United Nations International Children's Emergency Fund

15. What Is The Capital Of Alaska ?

Ans. Juneau

16. What Is The Capital Of Georgia state ?

Ans. Atlanta

17. What Is The Capital Of Florida state ?

Ans. Tallahassee

18. What Is The Capital Of Texas state ?

Ans. Austin

19. What Is The Capital Of New Jersey ?

Ans. Trenton

20.  What Is The Capital Of Arizona state ?

Ans. Phoenix

21. What Is The Capital Of Hawaii state ?

Ans. Honolulu

22. Grammy Award Is Given In The Field Of ?

Ans. Music 

23. Who Is The Winner Of Miss USA 2018 ?

Ans. Sarah Rose Summers

24. What Does FBI Stands For ?

Ans. Federal bureau Of Investigation

25. Who Is The president Of United States of America ?

Ans. Donald john Trump

26. Who Was The First man To Walk To the Moon ?

Ans. Neil Armstrong

27. What Is The Capital Of Colorado state ?

Ans. Denver

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