Saturday, September 22, 2018


ROM : ROM is a read only memory . it is the forms of chips , the data stored on ROM is not erased when you power off your computer or laptop . ROM is a nonvolatile memory . this is held on a chip inside the processor and used to data that can not be changed by user . the data stored on ROM is usually used to tell the computer how to load the operating system when it is turn on. so ROM is a permanent memory also ROM is a part of primary memory .

There are five types of ROM :

1. ROM




5. Flash memory 

RAM : RAM is a random access memory , it is also form of chips . the data stored in a RAM is not permanent when you turn off your computer any data or content that was in your RAM is lost . it is a volatile memory however if you had saved your data from RAM to hard disk , it would have been save RAM is a fastest memory but uses lots of power .

RAM is basically two types : 

1. Static RAM

2. Dynamic memory

Key point to remember : 

1. ROM is a permanent memory .

2. ROM is a volatile memory .

3. RAM is Nonvolatile memory .

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