. Computer gk - General knowledge

Tuesday, October 30, 2018

Computer gk

1. The basic target of computer process is to convert data into ?

A. File
B. Tables
C. Information
D. Files

Answer : C

2. Which one is refers to the fastest , biggest and most expensive computers ?

A. Personal computers
B. Super computers
C. Laptops
D. Notebooks

Answer : B

3. Which of the following is fastest type of computers ?

A. Laptop
B. Notebook
C. Super computers
D. None of these

Answer : C

4. Super computer developed by Indian scientist ?

A. Param
B. Super 301
C. Blue mene
D. None of these

Answer : A

5. A  --------  can make it easier to play games ?

A. Mouse
B. Joystick
C. Pen
D. None of these

Answer : B

6. The system board of a computer is called the ?

A. Integrated circuit
B. Motherboard
C. Processors
D. Microchip

Answer : B

7. A joy stick primarily used for ?

A . control sound on the screen
B. Computer gaming
C. Enter text
D. None of these

Answer : B

8. Which of following is a point and draw device ?

A. Mouse
B. Scanner
D. Keyboard

Answer : A

9. ------- key is the example of toggle key ?

A. Alt
B. Shift
C. Caps Lock
D. None of these

Answer : C

10. Basic job of a CPU is to ?

A. Carry out program instructions
B. Store data / information for future use
C. Process data and information
D. Both A & C

Answer : D

11. The physical components of a computer system ?

A. Software
B. Hardware
D. Control unit

Answer : B

12. A DVD is an example of ?

A. Hard disk
B. Out put device
C. Optical disc
D. None of these

Answer : C

13. Which of the following is the second largest measurement of ram ?

A. Terabyte
B. Megabyte
C. Gigabyte
D. Byte

Answer : C

14. Which is not a storage device ?

A. Hard disk
D. A printer

Answer : D

15. Which computer was the first to use the magnetic drum for memory ?

A. IBM - 650
B. IBM - 701
C. IBM - 360
D. None of these

Answer : A

16.  1 terabyte is equal to ?

A. 1024 MB
B. 1024 KB
C. 1024 GB
D. None of these

Answer : C

17. Which of the following terms is not related to the internet ?

A. Function key
B. Link
C. Browser
D. Search engine

Answer : A

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