• gk questions on seven wonders of the world

    1. How many wonders in the world ?

    A. 4

    B. 5

    C. 6

    D. 7

    Answer : D

    2. Chichen itza is located in ?

    A. India

    B. Iraq

    C. Mexico

    D. China

    Answer : C

    3. Where is petra located in ?

    A. Jordan

    B. Japan

    C. Italy

    D. South Africa

    Answer : A

    4. Which of the following is not under the wonders of world ?

    A. Taj mahal

    B. The great wall China

    C. Eiffel tower

    D. Petra

    Answer : C

    5. The great wall of China is located in ?

    A. Australia

    B. China

    C. United States

    D. United kingdom

    Answer : B

    6. Where is the machu Picchu located ?

    A. Brazil

    B. Germany

    C. India

    D. Peru

    Answer : D

    7. Where is the roman Colosseum located ?

    A. Japan

    B. Italy

    C. Brazil

    D. Switzerland

    Answer : B

    8. Where is the christ the Redeemer located ?

    A. Brazil

    B. Israel

    C. Australia

    D. Germany

    Answer : A

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