• quiz on Germany

    1. What is the currency of Germany ?

    A. Dollar

    B. Pound
    C. Rupee
    D. Euro

    Answer : D

    2. What is the capital of Germany ?

    A. Berlin

    B. Humberg
    C. Hesse
    D. None of these

    Answer : A

    3. How many States in Germany ?

    A. 15

    B. 16
    C . 17
    D. 18

    Answer : B

    4. Which is the longest river in Germany ?

    A. Elbe

    B. Danube
    C. Rhine
    D. None of these

    Answer : C

    5. What is the national sports of Germany ?

    A. Cricket

    B. Football
    C. Badminton
    D. None of these

    Answer : B

    6.  Who is the current prime minister of Germany ?

    A. Helmut kohl

    B. Willy Brandt
    C. Angela Merkel
    D. None of these

    7. Which is the most popular fruit in Germany ?

    A. Banana

    B. Apple
    C. Mango
    D. None of these

    Answer : B

    8. Which is the highest mountain in Germany ?

    A. Watzmann

    B. Zugspitze
    C. Brocken
    D. None of these

    Answer : B

    9. what is the official language of Germany ?

    A. German

    B. English
    C. French
    D. Hindi

    Answer : A

    10. Which state in Germany has the largest population ?

    A. Humberg

    B. Berlin
    C. Hesse
    D. Bavaria

    Answer : B

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