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Tuesday, November 6, 2018

Banking awareness questions

Banking awareness questions very common and important topic for all types of bank exam like , ibps po , rrb po , sbi clerk so test your knowledge about banking general knowledge questions .

1. A money deposited at a bank that cannot be withdrawn for a preset fixed of time is known as -

A. Term deposit

B. Checking account
C. Savings bank account
D. Current deposit

Answer : A

2.  international financial messaging network which exchanges messages between banks And  financial institutions is known as  -



Answer : B

3. The term ' smart money '  refers to  -

A. Foreign currency

B. Internet banking
C. Credit money
D. None of these

Answer : A

4. Which one is not a money market instrument  -

A. Treasury Bills

B. Commercial paper
C. Certificate of deposit
D. Equity shares

Answer : C

5. Which one of the following is a retail banking sector -

A. Home loans

B. Working capital finance
C. Corporate term loans
D. Infrastructure finance

Answer : A

6. Which of the following is not required for opening a bank account -

A. Identity proof

B. Address proff
C. Recent photograph
D. Domicile certificate

Answer : D

7. What is debit card -

A. It is a card issued by the rating agency .

B. card which can be used for withdrawing cash or making payment even in the absence of any balance in the account .
C. card which can be used for withdrawing cash or making payment if there is balance in the account .
D.  card which carries prepaid balance

Answer : C

8. Axis Bank is a -

A. Public sector bank

B. Private sector bank
C. Co - operate bank
D. Foreign bank

Answer : B

9. Which terms refers to bad advantage of bank - 

A. Bad debt

B. Book debt
C. Non performing asset
D. Out of order accounts

Answer : D

10. CRR stands for in banking -

A. Cash reserve ratio

B. Current rate ratio
C. Credit rate ratio
D. None of these

Answer : A

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