. One word substitution in English - General knowledge

Tuesday, November 6, 2018

One word substitution in English

Some one word substitution questions which are asked in previous exam .

1. Speech delivered without preparation

Answer : Extempore

2. One who will do any job for anyone for money .

Answer : Mercenary

3. A person's peculiar habit

Answer : idiosyncracy

4. Act of mercy killing

Answer : Euthanasia

5. Action that is likely to make people very angry .

Answer : inflammatory

6. One who runs away from justice or the low .

Answer : Fugitive

7. A person who deserves all praise

Answer : Laudable

8. A person who has long experience

Answer : veteran

9. Written low of a legislative body

Answer : statute

10. A place where birds are kept

Answer : aviary

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