Saturday, November 3, 2018

sentence rearrangement for ibps po

Direction : find the correct sequence of given below five sentences .

A. When I reached the stations , The train had already arrived .

B. One come running up to me and with his help , I began piling up my luggage on the entrance of the compartment .

C. There were ten minutes left for its departure .

D. However I made an effort to remain cool and called out a coolie  .

E. As I carried up the last item , the train began to crawl out of the station .

F. This condition made me a bit nervous as I had a lot of luggage with me .

1. Third sentence of -

a. A

b. C
c. F
d. E

2. Which sentence should come second .

a. C

b. A
c. D
d. F

3. Which sentence should come Fifth .

a. C

b. B
c. E
d. F

4. Which sentence should come Fourth .

a. B

b. D
c. A
d. E

5. Which sentence should come last .

a. C

b. E
c. A
d. B

Answer : 

1. (c ) F

2. ( a ) C
3. ( b ) B
4. ( b ) D
5. ( b ) E

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